Tina Dichoso(non-registered)
Let me share with you our experience during the "Charming Photographs Invites Mr. Stanley Ong"

Ava just turned 16 months on March 22, 2015, the same day she was given a chance to experience having a photo session with the very talented and celebrity photographer, @stanongphotog

It was so surprising for me to witness Ava behaving so well during the shoot :) She doesn't like boys that much. She's actually scared of them! Haha! :p She usually cries her lungs out whenever someone unfamiliar tries to touch her or even just get close to her (most esp with males). Some friends and relatives can attest to that :p

As soon as we arrived in the venue, Sir Stanley started being playful with Ava, from afar. I got surprised because my daughter was responding positively :) She actually smiled back at him and played with him (from afar), too. Was that peek-a-boo? Hehe!

It will really take a lot of time and effort for males to please my daughter, and Sir Stanley did a very great job knowing that this is just the first time they met :)

Before Ava's turn, she was feeling a bit sleepy, tired and irritated, probably because of the super hot weather that day. But when I put her at the center of the studio set, the atmosphere was like, Play Time :) it's all about playing with Sir Stanley :) it was nice seeing my daughter having fun. :) Thank you for that, Sir :)

Bottom line: Sir Stanley really knows what he's doing. He also knows exactly who his clienteles are, and is expert in dealing with them. It's not surprising to know why all the kids he meets are beginning to love him. It's also no doubt why the #TeamKramer kids love him sooo much, too. He has this unbelievable charm with kids and an excellent photography skills.

I highly recommend Sir Stanley as a photographer for all occasions. He is very professional and down to earth. :)

It was indeed a day well spent :)
Christy Ana Singco of Calianna Vin Couture(non-registered)
I'm a mother of a 3-year old baby girl & i wished for her to become a princess, a model & a celebrity like everyone does! Looking on those glossy pages, i would always imagine seeing her pose there. Meeting Sir Stanley in person is just one of my wildest dream & for him to take pictures of my Caeli is a dream-come-true! I feel privileged to have my daughter's pictures taken by an extra-ordinary celebrity photographer! The output was beyond what i expected! He turned my baby into a real doll! And seeing our creations worn during his photoshoot is absolutely an honor for a shop-owner like me! Truly an amazing experience!
As a mother, we see our children as the most beautiful person in the world. Mr. Stan amazingly capture it with my BEAutiful daughter in one of Stanley and Charming Photoshoot. I seldom meet as creative,professional and talented person in photography like Mr Stanley Ong :D
Ediya Bacoor(non-registered)
It's an honor being part of the vintage photoshoot last weekend. No, actually.. it is a dream come true. No wonder everyone adores and admires you Sir Stanley. Humble, kind and super talented. The kids love you so much! More power & God bless!
I have never found a photographer as good as Stan. The moment I sat with him for a shoot, I feel comfortable. At first, I never thought my daughter would have great photos with every smiling moments capture... this man did. His patience with kids are just amazing... rare would you see a photographer who can do this...Thanks for the lovely photos.
Val and Gilbert(non-registered)
As soon as we had The Date, we booked Stanley as our photographer!
We haven't even booked the church nor the reception venue that time.

We haven't had many opportunities to pose for portraits and weren't sure how to be lovey dovey for photographs. But, Stanley made us feel relaxed with his easy going nature. He certainly made the pre-engagement shoot fun and stress free. He listened to our ideas and executed the plan better than we had imagined.

Our families are all praises on how he handled the photo session during our engagement party.
He made everyone feel at ease and even captured future papa-in-law's smile (he rarely smiles in photos!)

We're very excited to have Stanley document our wedding day!
Judy Mapua Dytiandu(non-registered)
I think Stan is truly a magician! He weaves magic through his lenses. After seeing his portfolio i knew i couldn’t go wrong with him. We had an outdoor family shoot with a 5 yr old and 1 yr old on a summer afternoon so i was prepared for the worst. But Stan kept everyone at ease and motivated and it showed in the photos. He’s a pro with the kids; even came prepared with baby hair accessories! All our friends and family thought we looked gorgeous. Stan lends such creativity and sensitivity to his craft. A truly gifted artist. Did i mention he’s also super nice and accommodating? =)
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